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Welcome to the CTFLab at Cornell

Our research focuses on predicting turbulent reacting multiphase flows using massively parallel numerical simulations. In order to model realistic engineering devices, our goal is to design new physical models, and combine them with novel numerical methods designed for high scalability, so that large-scale computing resources can be fully exploited to perform world-class parallel simulations of concrete engineering problems.

Featured News

Desjardins in Stanford news

Stanford logo

Prof. Desjardins appears in a Stanford University news article to discuss about the Center for Turbulence Research Summer Program.

New NSF project on clustering

Particle cluster

CTFLab and Prof. Fox at ISU begin a new collaborative project funded by NSF to study turbulence induced by clusters arising in two-phase flows.

Invited professorship at IMFT

IMFT logo

Prof. Desjardins will spend one month during summer 2014 at IMFT, a French CNRS lab at the forefront of fluid mechanics research.

CTFLab awarded 46 million core-hours on world's fastest computer

LLNL supercomputer

CTFLab has been awarded 46 million core-hours by DOE through the ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge.

Research Spotlight

Some of our current research thrusts are highlighted below. A more comprehensive description of our research activities can be found here.

Turbulent Liquid Atomization

Pressure swirl atomizer

Novel numerical methods can help better understand the physics of spray formation using massively parallel simulations.

Dense Particle-Laden Flows

Fluidized bed reactor

High-fidelity simulations of fluidized bed reactors provide insights on multiphase dynamics that can impact biomass conversion.

Verification and Validation of Complex Multiphysics Codes

MMS error field

The method of manufactured solutions allows to systematically verify complex codes.

NGA logo

NGA is a massively parallel multiphysics flow solver developed in part within CTFLab. More information on capabilities and licensing can be found here.