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This page is updated frequently with CTFLab news.

September 23, 2014 - Prof. Desjardins appears in Stanford news video
Prof. Desjardins is featured in a Stanford Engineering news article and discusses the Center for Turbulence Research Summer Program.
September 1, 2014 - New NSF project starting
Prof. Desjardins and Prof. Fox are starting a new NSF research project on cluster-induced turbulence.
July 02, 2014 - Keynote presentation at ICNMMF
Prof. Desjardins gave a keynote lecture at ICNMMF (International Conference on Numerical Methods for Multiphase Flows) in Darmstadt.
March 10, 2014 - Mark and Jesse present at West Point
Mark Owkes and Jesse Capecelatro presented their research to the United States Military Academy cadets in West Point.
March 3, 2014 - Invited project at Stanford CTR
Prof. Desjardins and Jeremy McCaslin will participate in the Summer 2014 Center for Turbulence Research Summer Program at Stanford University.
January, 2014 - Invited professorship at IMFT
Prof. Desjardins will spend one month during summer 2014 at IMFT, a French CNRS lab at the forefront of fluid mechanics research.
January, 2014 - Sheng Wang joins CTFLab
First year Cornell Ph.D. student Sheng Wang joins CTFLab.
December, 2013 - Olivier Desjardins wins NSF CAREER Award
Prof. Desjardins has received a NSF CAREER Award for his project entitled "Towards Understanding and Modeling Turbulent Atomizing Liquid-Gas Flows".
November 23, 2013 - CTFLab travels to APS DFD conference
Peter, Sunil, Jesse, Jeremy, Houssem, and Olivier take a minivan to Pittsburgh to attend the APS DFD conference.
October, 2013 - Stephanie Firehammer joins CTFLab
First year Cornell Ph.D. student and NSF Graduate Fellow Stephanie Firehammer joins CTFLab.
August 14, 2013 - Jeremy McCaslin passes his A exam
Congratulations to Jeremy who passed his A-exam, the last hurdle before the Ph.D. defense.
May, 2013 - CTFLab summer travels
Four CTFLab members will travel to South Korea during the last week of May to attend and present at the 2013 International Conference on Multiphase Flows. Jesse Capecelatro will spend a month visiting Prof. R. O. Fox at Ecole Centrale Paris, in Paris, France. Prof. Desjardins will spend one month at CORIA, a French CNRS lab. He will also visit various laboratories (CERFACS,IMFT,ISAE,MIP,ONERA) in the Toulouse, France, area as part of the COFECI European project.
May 7, 2013 - O. Desjardins to serve as Program Chair for ILASS 2014 conference
After two years as Award Chair for the Institute of Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems (ILASS), Prof. Desjardins will serve as Program Chair for the 2014 and 2015 ILASS conferences.
May 7, 2013 - CTFLab and GE Global Research awarded 46 million core-hours
CTFLab, in collaboration with GE Global Research, has been awarded 46 million core-hours by the Department of Energy through the 2013 ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge.
April 22, 2013 - Cornell Baja team wins 1st place in international competition
The Cornell Baja SAE Racing engineering project team, advised by Prof. Desjardins, has just won 1st place overall at the 2013 Baja SAE Tennessee Tech competition! Check their website for all the details on the competition results.
April, 2013 - CTFLab to be featured in LLNL's Science & Technology Review
CTFLab spray calculations are to be featured on the June 2013 issue of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Science and Technology Review.
March, 2013 - CTFLab receives approval from LLNL for hero calculation
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has given approval for a 10 million core-hours spray calculation to be performed on Vulcan in Summer 2013.
January, 2013 - Chian Yeh Goh receives Cornell Undergraduate Research Award
CTFLab undergraduate student Chian Yeh Goh was selected to receive a Cornell ELI Undergraduate Research Award in Spring 2013.
January 19, 2013 - CTFLab is on YouTube
CTFLab now has its own YouTube channel, it can be found here.
December 2012 - John Palmore receives NSF Graduate Fellowship
CTFLab Ph.D. student John Palmore was selected to receive a NSF Graduate Fellowship in Summer 2012.
December 2012 - CTFLab is growing!
CTFLab has two new members: John Palmore and Houssem Kasbaoui. Both are working toward their Ph.D.
December 13, 2012 - Mark Owkes passes his A-exam
Congratulations to CTFLab Ph.D. student Mark Owkes for passing his A-exam!
August 2012 - New CTFLab projects
Fall 2012 sees the start of two new projects: an NSF project on particle-laden shear flow instabilities, and an NREL project on simulating clustering in turbulent risers.
July 31, 2012 - Jesse Capecelatro passes his A-exam
Congratulations to CTFLab Ph.D. student Jesse Capecelatro for passing his A-exam!
March 13, 2012 - CTFLab featured on NICS webpage
CTFLab Jesse Capecelatro's research on modeling of fluidized bed reactors is featured on the National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS) website. The press release is available here.
March 8, 2012 - CTFLab wins LLNL compute grant
CTFLab, in collaboration with General Electrics and ASU, has been selected for a Lawrence Livermore National Lab computing grant. The pilot program, entitled "High Performance Computing for Energy Innovation" (see, aims to spur energy technology innovation through the use of High Performance Computing (HPC). Click here to read the announcement.
January 27, 2012 - Mark Czajkowski wins NASA Fellowship
CTFLab Ph.D. student Mark Czajkowski was selected to receive a NASA Space Grant Graduate Fellowship in Spring 2012.
January 05, 2012 - Invited professorship at CORIA
Prof. Desjardins will spend one month during summer 2012 at CORIA, a French CNRS lab.
December 12, 2011 - Marvin supercomputer online
Marvin is now online. The new supercomputer provides a 1,192 cores high-performance computing environment to the CTFLab members.
September 12, 2011 - Dr. Peter Brady joins CTFLab
Dr. Peter Brady joined CTFLab as a post-doctoral scholar. Peter obtained his Ph.D. from Arizona State University.
August 22, 2011 - Distinguished paper award
Prof. Desjardins et al. were awarded the distinguished paper award in the spray section of the 2010 Combustion Symposium. The paper is entitled "Analysis of three-dimensional n-heptane spray flames in a model swirling combustor", available in Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 33 (2) (2011) 2143-2152.
August 2011 - CTFLab now at Cornell
Olivier Desjardins, Mark Czajkowski, Jesse Capecelatro, and Jeremy McCaslin have transfered to the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University in August 2011.
July 15, 2011 - NGA run on 50,000 cores on Kraken
Jesse Capecelatro ran NGA on 50,000 cores on Kraken (which represents half of Kraken), the largest core count so far for any NGA simulation. Over 75% scale-up efficiency was observed.