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This page contains general information for joining CTFLab.

Post-Doctoral Scholars

No funded post-doctoral positions are available at the moment, although applications are always welcome.

Ph.D. Students

Already Admitted to Cornell's Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. positions are typically open every year for students admitted to Cornell's Ph.D. program in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Computational Science and Engineering (other fields can also be considered). Interested students should contact Prof. Desjardins by email to set up an appointment.

Not Yet Admitted to Cornell's Ph.D. Program

Typically, new students join CTFLab every year. To be eligible to join our lab, students must first be admitted into the Ph.D. program at Cornell University, typically in the graduate fields of Mechanical Engineering or Computational Science and Engineering. Information on the Mechanical Engineering program can be found here. You will also find a list of frequently asked questions on this website. Note that the admission deadlines are typically in late December or early January for Fall admission, and that applications outside of the regular cycle are not considered for admission.

While interested candidates are welcome to contact Prof. Desjardins by email, note that an answer is unlikely due to the large number of sollicitations.

Master of Engineering and Undergraduate Students

Highly motivated students can inquire about available projects, which are also regularly posted on the MAE website. Due to the learning curve associated with CTFLab research, the preferred project duration is two semesters or more. Familiarity with linux/unix environment is greatly preferred.